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A company dedicated to the best in corporate presentation and communication skills training. ExecuProv is a presentation and communication skills training company serving business professionals, Fortune 100 and 500 companies, government institutions and nonprofit organizations. Since 1983, its seminars and workshops have offered innovative techniques for public speaking, one-on-one communication, PowerPoint, leadership, meeting facilitation, humor, team-building, email communication & improve.

Humorous Training Video Library


“Haven’t You Forgotten Something?”Dermatologist Dr. Lookgood Tries to Sell Her Cosmetic Product Line to An Existing Patient.

“Ask a HealthNut”Dr. Robinson Shows How NOT to Do the On-Air Botox interview


“Samurai Mediator”In Divorce Mediation, Shouldn’t Each Party Get Half?

“Samurai Court Reporter” The Court Reporter Sets the Record Straight

“Chaotic Divorce”Shouldn’t Everybody Collaborate?

“Trying My Patience”The Non-Compelling Closing Argument

“Type Cast”Which of These Judges is Hearing Your Case?

“The Marble Game”One For Me, One For You…

Sales and Meetings

“Hostile Takeover”Get With The Program or You’re Out

“Get Out There and Sell Something!”When Your Sales Team Whines

“I’m Floored, But Selling Anyway”Are They Buying or Dragging it Out?

“Grow Up!”My Boss is Such a Child

“Movin’ Up the Corporate Ladder”Assert Your CEO

“May I Say Something?” It’s Not About the Bottom Line; It’s About the Come-On Line

“Breath of a Salesman”Can the Customer Get a Word In?

“Zonkzoogie Boogie”Who’s Listening to Whom?

“By Me”You’ve Made the Sale but Can You Get the Customer’s Attention?

“Meeting Called to Order”Is There a Meeting Going On?

“Denigrate to Motivate”When the Sales Manager Tells it Like it is …That Ought to Fire ‘Em up! (Please Call to Request Preview)

“Initial Reaction”What Do They Really Stand For?

“Printing Presses”Is Everyone on the Same Page?

“Double Speak”What Are They Talking About?

“Beat The Clock”Time is Running Out

“60 Second Meeting”Is Your Team This Productive?

“Grand Theft Office Supply”

“Email Buzzards” Get Up to Speed

“Email Sentencing”You’re Getting Slammed

The Recession

“Taking Stock”If You Can’t Give Them a Raise, Give Them Praise

“Ironing Out the Difference”The Moonlighting Plight of the CEO

“Pizza Pallor”Success Driven

“Slip Up” No One Gets a Bonus but What Do They Get?

“Dishing With Obama”Nothing Could Be Finer Than the Brand New White House China


“PowerPoint Putz”Need I Say More?

“Making the Speech”If You’re Good, Will You Get a Cookie?


“Mr. Cooperative”But is There a Wedge Between Us?

“Sob Story”Ms. Meltdown and the Interview

“Background Check”Who Needs People?

“Miss Congeniality”Yes, to Everything!

“Mr. Hesitation”Let Me Think About it For a Second, or More…

“Mr. Ready”When Do I start?

“Mr. Arrogance”Look No Further, I’m Your Guy!

Customer Service

“Give the Customer a Mouthful” But Will He Understand it?

“Give the Customer the Courtesy…”Or Not!


“Getting Cornered”Can You Think Outside the Box?

“Lift With Your Legs, Back Straight”But Think With Your Head

Sexual Harassment

“Gladys Baxter”There’s a Sexual Harassment Bully in Every Office

“Correct Me if I’m Wrong…”Unabashed or Harassed?

For a price list and a private viewing of any of the video clips, contact the ExecuProv headquarter offices at 714 550-9900.